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Base-Position Error Rate Analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing Applied to Circulating Tumor DNA in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Prospective Study

PLOS Blogs / Nicolas Pécuchet - - Reading time 17 mins - Share :
by Nicolas Pécuchet, Eleonora Zonta, Audrey Didelot, Pierre Combe, Constance Thibault, Laure Gibault, Camille Lours, Yves Rozenholc, Valérie Taly, Pierre Laurent-Puig, Hélène Blons, Elizabeth Fabre Background Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) is an approved noninvasive biomarker to test for the...

Mystery of déjà vu explained – it’s how we check our memories

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The phenomenon seems to be a sign of a healthy memory that forms accurate memories, déjà vu brain scans have revealed for the first time

Astronomers discover new distant dwarf planet beyond Neptune

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Astronomers have discovered a new dwarf planet orbiting in the disk of small icy worlds beyond Neptune. The new object is about 700 km in diameter and has one of the largest orbits for a dwarf planet. Designated 2015 RR245 by the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center, it was foun...

Important falls in death rates from leukemia in Europe predicted for 2016

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Death rates from leukemia among people of all ages in Europe are falling, according to the latest predictions for European cancer deaths in 2016. The study by researchers in Italy, Switzerland and the USA looked at cancer death rates in the EU 28 member states as a whole and also in the six large...

Studies show diet soda is linked to belly fat, type 2 diabetes and obesity / By Raw Michelle - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
(NaturalNews) While most people who drink diet soda probably know it isn't the healthiest choice, they still may be under the mistaken impression that it will keep their weight down. Scientific studies emphasize this is not true.This was made clear in a recent study published...

Vaccines have never damaged a child, but homeopathy's 'side effects' could kill you, claim pro-vaccine government "experts" / By Jonathan Benson, staff writer - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
(NaturalNews) Duplicitous is probably the best descriptor for how the federal government treats "unconventional" medical treatments like homeopathy. On the one hand, authorities would have us all believe that homeopathic remedies are just inert water when it comes to their efficacy...

All you need to know about conceiving babies from thawed ovaries

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A woman has given birth thanks to the re-implantation of ovarian tissue she had removed as a child and frozen. Many others could follow – but what are the risks?

E-cigarette users often believe devices will help them quit tobacco

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(HealthDay)—E-cigarette users are much more hopeful that the devices will help them quit smoking than the general public is, including people who just smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes, according to a new French survey.

Texas doctors do first skull and scalp transplant

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Texas doctors say they have done the world's first partial skull and scalp transplant to help a man with a large head wound from cancer treatment.

Business: The billion-dollar biotech

Nature / Elie Dolgin - - Reading time 12 mins - Share :
Moderna Therapeutics has big ambitions and a bankroll to match. How a fledgling start-up became one of the most highly valued private drug firms ever.Nature 522 26 doi: 10.1038/522026aAds from Inoreader:Remove ads • Advertise with Inoreader

North American ragweed to bring autumn allergy misery to Europe

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Ragweed pollen is the bane of many lives in the US, and climate change could help the plant become much more common in Europe by 2050Ads from Inoreader:Remove ads • Advertise with Inoreader

Clinical trials for rare diseases – finding and keeping patients / Danielle Stevenson, BHD Research Blog - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
International Clinical Trial day (May 20th) celebrates the medical advances as a result of clinical trials. Clinical trials are essential to ensure drug safety and efficacy, and the recent increase in the development of orphan drugs has led to an increase in rare disease clinical trials. The natu...

Sugar tax to pay for treating obesity

Telegraph / Sarah Knapton - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
Companies that continue to produce foods that promote poor lifestyles will be penalised, warns health ministerAds from Inoreader:Remove ads • Advertise with Inoreader

Statins May Lower Stroke Risk in Seniors

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Cholesterol-lowering drugs may reduce the risk of stroke in older adults who appear otherwise healthy.

Cholesterol drugs associated with 30 percent lower stroke risk in healthy older adults

Medical Xpress - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
Use of cholesterol lowering drugs is associated with a one third lower risk of stroke in older adults without previous disease, finds a study published in The BMJ this week.

Do prostate woes come from extra testosterone?

Futurity / Andrea Estrada-UCSB - - Reading time 5 mins - Share :
Prostate enlargement, also called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), is one of the most common diseases of aging among men in the United States. A new study suggests that the hormone testosterone—specifically, an unnatural overabundance thereof—may be a prime culprit. In fact, by the time th...

Seven reasons why natural cancer remedies sometimes fail / By Paul Fassa - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
(NaturalNews) Mainstream medicine has ways of disguising the fact that their treatments often lead to the demise of cancer patients. It's easy to claim that the patient simply died of cancer, not chemotherapy poisoning or radiation damage.Their rate of reversing cancer is dismal...

Study implicates new gene in multiple sclerosis disease activity

Medical Xpress - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
A new study led by investigators at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) reports the discovery of a genetic variant that is associated with a patient's likelihood of responding to interferon-beta, one of the medications used in treating multiple sclerosis (MS). Published in the Annals of Neurology ...

Average-sized models could sell more fashion, research suggests

ScienceDaily - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :
The fashion industry could benefit from using average-sized models rather than size zero in marketing campaigns, new research suggests. The study considered the impact of using average and zero-sized models in marketing campaigns for both established and fictitious new fashion brands.

Odd genetic syndrome suggests increased blood vessel resistance could cause hypertension

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The culmination of two decades of research, a new study reveals the genetic causes of a curious, rare syndrome that manifests as hypertension (high blood pressure) accompanied by short fingers (brachydactyly type E). Six unrelated families with the syndrome come from across the globe - United Sta...

Pioneering facial recognition cane for the blind

ScienceDaily - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :
A revolutionary ‘smart’ cane enabling the visually impaired to instantly identify friends and family could be available soon, thanks to students at a British university. The ‘XploR’ mobility cane uses smartphone technology to recognize familiar faces from up to 10 metres away. The cane al...